Orange County Homeland Security Advisory Council

Bridging the Gap

The Orange County Homeland Security Advisory Council (OCHSAC) is a public and private partnership. Established between the Orange County Sheriff and Business Executives to enhance the safety and security of Orange County residents and businesses.

  • education and awareness
  • providing networking opportunities
  • sourcing projects that will serve our objectives

OCHSAC will collaborate with the public sector on a federal, state, and local basis as well as other likeminded private sector organizations to ensure that we are providing the best practices to our constituency.

Providing for a safer and more secure Orange County


Orange County has over 3 million residents making it the 3rd most populous county in California and the 6th most populous in the United States. Our County is home to Fortune 1000, Fortune 500 companies and a diverse market of small and mid-size businesses. Orange County hosts a remarkable 42 million visitors annually who spend in excess of 7.75 billion dollars and support 160,000 tourism-related industry jobs.

With its vibrant and diverse manufacturing, service, retail, tourism and other business activities, Orange County presents a multitude of “soft targets” attractive to domestic and transnational terrorists, cyber criminals, and others working to disrupt our economy, critical infrastructure, and way of life. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, and fire also pose ongoing threats. Keeping Orange County residents, businesses, and visitors safe and resilient in the face of such threats requires a unified response by public and private organizations working in partnership with each other.

The Orange County Executive Shield public-private partnership encourages collaboration to improve threat awareness, preparedness strategies, and to inform members of information helpful to safeguard their investments. During critical, major man-made or natural disasters or crisis, Orange County Executive Shield will offer a vital network to help communicate, share resources, and respond more quickly and effectively.